David Denneen


David Denneen is acknowledged as one of Australia’s top commercial directors winning Director of the Decade twice. He owns Filmgraphics, an established and respected company in the industry and has mentored young filmmakers, many of whom have gone on to have successful careers.

He has won every major award domestically as well as internationally including Cannes Lions, LIA and Mobius. He has been an inaugural recipient of Australian Screen Directors Association (ASDA) and also the Advertising Hall of Fame.

His background is as an animator and was co-director and co-designer on the Academy Award® winning short “Leisure”, produced by Filmgraphics . In 2006 Denneen directed his first feature film ‘Restraint’ – a psychological thriller.

He is also known for his work with celebrities; Dustin Hoffman, Richard Gere, Simon Baker, William Shatner, Jackie Chan, Brian Cranston, Travis Fimmel, Michael J. Fox, Naomi Watts, Peter Falk, Leslie Nielsen, Sir Bob Geldof, Barry Humphries, and many sports personalities; LeBron James, Michael Jordan,Ken Griffey Jr, Shane Warne to name a few.

He is a true filmmaker and storyteller who elevates any project that he takes on by bringing his experience and unique perspective to it.