About Filmgraphics

We are the people who make it happen.

For over 50 years, Filmgraphics has been respected in the industry as one of the most highly acclaimed production houses in the world. It’s become a brand synonymous with excellence, creativity and great production values. Filmgraphics has won nearly every advertising award, including an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film called “Leisure”.

Founded by David “The Legend” Denneen, the company has adapted over the years to stay in touch with the new way of doing business in a global market. It represents unique directors from all around the world as well as continuing to mentor young local talent.

Executive Producer, Anna Fawcett, has forged strong partnerships with suppliers and freelancers and can curate an expert team for each individual project. Her years of hands on experience have equipped her to be a world class problem solver still delivering to the principle on which Filmgraphics was founded – Creativity and Craft matter.