About Filmgraphics

We are the people who make it happen.

Founded by David “The Legend” Denneen, Filmgraphics continues to mentor a diverse pool of talented film makers who are dedicated to making a difference to every project that comes their way, whether it is a TVC, branded entertainment, music clip, feature or short film.

The industry has changed radically since Filmgraphics started, but the fact that they are still going strong after 40 years attests that they have adapted to the new order but still maintain high production values no matter what the budget is.

Filmgraphics has become a brand synonymous with excellence and creativity and has won nearly every award, including an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film called “Leisure”.

With an impeccable reputation, Filmgraphics also has the knowledge and experience to facilitate any foreign production, ensuring that any job we work on is an enjoyable experience, and most of all, a success.

The production team of Anna Fawcett, Edwina Gilbert and Christina Gerace ensures that every project gets the backup of years of experience and the full attention of the company.