Thibaut Grevet

At the edge of experimental.


From growing up in the a small village near Lyon amongst the beautiful French countryside, Thibaut Grevet’s passion for outdoor adventure began, in particular his love for mountain biking.

From documenting his rides on his mother’s VHS camera and capturing moments of his life his passion for film making was ignited.

Grevet studied Graphic Design further developing his eye for artistic imagery and visual directon and gaining an appreciation for editing and layout design, which eventually led him to directing film for advertising.

With a host of highly acclaimed short films and music videos, Grevet’s creative talent was recognised in 2016 when he won the 2016 YDA for his Sage “August in Paris” Music Video.

Thibaut has worked with brands such as Renault, VANS, Nike, WWF among others, showcasing his contemporary and beautiful artistic direction, his desire for striking imagery and a love to portrait real people.