Sophia Banks



Sophia always had a passion for the arts and in particular fashion, where her credits range from fashion designer, internationally renowned celebrity stylist, creative director and fashion editor. Vogue Australia named her “Top Fashion Export” and Harpers Bazaar “Fashion Leader” many years in a row. Her ultimate goal however was to be behind the camera. While living in the US, she studied at USC, UCLA, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts before the ultimate lesson: shadowing famed German director Wim Wenders. She has directed numerous music videos, branded content, short films and commercials and has won or be nominated for over 32 awards including Tribeca Moet Competition, London, Milano and Berlin Fashion film Festival and Oscar Qualifying Holly Shorts film Festival.

Her recent short for Christian Siriano “Making It On Time” featuring woman wearing couture gowns while skateboarding through the streets of LA has won awards at Film Festivals around the world. Banks epitomises the brazen forthright nature of unstoppable women everywhere and brings a sense of beauty and style to all her projects.