Steve Callen

The Renaissance Man.


Steve is an incredible storyteller. And with over 20 years experience in advertising, including leading huge creative departments for agencies like Y&R and BBDO as well as creating and directing multi award winning TV commercials and cross-platform campaigns, he’s certainly got some stories to tell.

Rather than taking the traditional route, Steve let advertising be his film school. Advertising gave him a hands-on approach to all aspects of the creative process from ideation all the way through to final production and broadcast.

He’s written, directed and produced his own multi-award winning short film, ‘You Better Watch Out’. He’s had an original screenplay finish in the top 20 screenplays in the world as judged by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science’s Nicholl Fellowship. And most recently, he’s turned his attention to branded entertainment, writing and directing 26 films featuring tennis legend, Andre Agassi. These films have been broadcast globally and awarded a Cannes Lion and One Show Entertainment award. There really is nothing that Steve can’t do.