Giovanni Pacialeo

The master chef of foodie filming.


As an internationally award-winning director and writer who earned his stripes working on some of the biggest films in the world (‘The Thin Red Line’, ‘Superman Returns’ and ‘The Matrix’ just to name a few), Giovanni has always been destined for greatness.

Giovanni made his directorial debut with the award winning TV series ‘My Family Feast’, which he wrote and directed for SBS Australia. To date, the 13 part series has been broadcast in over forty countries and gone on to win Best TV Series at the Australian Food Media Awards and Best in World at the World Food & Wine TV Festival in Paris. His passion for food and real people is evident in three more food programs made for SBS, CH7, Lifestyle Food and TV3 in New Zealand.

Currently working on his first feature film, Giovanni’s passion for food and storytelling has made him a force to be reckoned with.